About Us

MDA was founded in 1995 on the principles of partnership, teamwork and long-term relationships. This philosophy is carried over into our present corporate culture through our “Core Values.”

One of the founding partners, Jeff Dyer, has been practicing landscape architecture in the Atlanta Metro Area since 1976. In 1988 he formed Dyer and Associates which was incorporated as McFarland-Dyer in 1995. Since 1995, the firm has grown to offer Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Land Planning, Land Surveying, Construction Administration and a variety of services for City and County governments.

MDA has a great deal of experience in public and private sector projects. Public work has included schools, libraries, fire stations, city halls, streetscapes, parks, play fields and sports facilities. Private projects have included residential subdivisions, multi-family developments, hotels, commercial centers and amenity areas with swimming and tennis facilities. We have worked throughout the Southeast, with a focus on the Metropolitan Atlanta area. We have worked in, and developed an operable knowledge of the permitting process in many Metro Area counties and municipalities.



Creating value as a leader in land use design and surveying



To be the provider of choice for our clients, employer of choice for our people and model business partner in our community



Create simple, functional, enduring and unique designs that can distinguish MDA’s creativity

Ensure accurate, comprehensive, and tested quality

Sustain a client centered, passionate, listening and collaborative culture

Attract and retain the best talent with pathways for growth, recognition of contribution, and challenging opportunities